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1.     What do all the different treatments mean?

Well, in basic terms it’s how well the timber will stand up to the elements.

The different treatments are:

H1.2 – Protected from the weather, above ground, but with a possibility of exposure to moisture.
             Typical uses - Wall framing

H3.2 – Exposed to the weather, above ground or protected from the weather but with a risk of moisture entrapment.
             Typical uses - Decks, pergolas, external beams, posts not in ground

H4 –    Exposed to the weather, in ground or in fresh water.
             Typical uses - Fence posts, landscaping timbers not requiring a building consent

H5 –    Exposed to the weather, in ground or in fresh water.
             Typical uses - House piles and poles, crib walling, posts in ground for decks, verandas and pergolas

[Source: NZ Department of Building & Housing Summary Information from NZS 3602: 2003]


2.     What are the different Grades of timber?

There are many different grades:

MSG 8, 10 or 12 – These are the structural grades. If you are wanting to take structural loads, then these are your go to (the higher the number, the stronger they are).

MSG6 – This is a non-structural grade of timber but does have some strength to it.

Reman – This is a non-structural grade of timber. Reman is short for “Remanufactured” and is essentially MSG8 timber that failed the structural tests. It’s great for handrails, nogs, and other similar things. Not many yards carry Reman, but we are a well known supplier of it.

Non-Structural – Pretty self explanatory.

Please note: we are not builders and can only provide general advice. If you aren't sure sure what grade you require, please check with your builder.


3.     You have Merch Grade & Premium Grade Decking – what’s the difference?

Merch Grade is the cheaper option and may have a few knots in it.

Premium Grade are mainly clear lengths.

Our Merch Grade is still pretty good and is one of our biggest sellers. Feel free to come in and have a look.

Note: Smooth is visually graded on one side only. Grip Tread is visually graded on the grip side.


4.     Do you deliver?

We most certainly do!!

Our delivery trucks can deliver your order anywhere across Auckland.

Don’t worry if you live outside Auckland, we can also arrange to freight it for you.

If your purchase is over $950 and you live within 7km of our yard, your delivery is FREE!

If you have a towbar we also have free courtesy trailers available to get those purchases home or to site. Just see the friendly Yard Staff.


5.     Can you provide me with pricing for my order?

We sure can!

Send us a list of your requirements to sales@wbshenderson.co.nz and we’ll fire you a quote back just as fast as we can. Don’t forget to include a delivery address if you want delivery.